Activechat Certified Developers

Unlock the full potential of Activechat and start building enterprise-grade smart AI chatbots in a matter of weeks.

This course is a must-have for those who see conversational design and automation as part of their daily business routine. From basics to advanced integrations and NLP in 10 modules packed with information.

Suggested Price: $399.00


This is the official program of Activechat Certified Developers course. Built as a series of education videos, each module contains 60 to 120 minutes of content.

Learn every feature of the most advanced conversational design platform in just a couple of weeks and start building complex chatbots that bring real value to customers.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Chatbot basics and industry use cases
  • Conversational design best practices
  • Building basic bots from basic blocks
  • Internal and external data processing
  • Integrating chatbots into business frameworks
  • Timed sequences and behavior tracking
  • Natural language and sentiment analysis
  • Building e-commerce bots
  • Multichannel marketing communication
  • Running a successful chatbot agency

The course is followed by the official certification exam. 

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